Peruvian seafood bouillabaise

Chupe de Camarones

Shrimp and rice soup

Sustancia de Pollo

Peruvian chicken soup

Sustancia de carne

Soup with meat

Vegetable Soup

Comes with noodles


Papa A La Huancaina

Boiled potatoes offered with a Peruvian feta cheese sauce, boiled eggs and black olives

Yuca Frita A La Huancaina

Fried yuca, smothered in cheese sauce, served with boilde eggs and black olives

Choros A La Chalaca

Mussels topped with tomatoes, onions, lemon juice and corn

Leche De Tigre

Shrimp marinated in ceviche blend

Fried Calamari

Traditional favorite served with marinara sauce


Thinly-sliced, pan-fried beef sausages and French fries mixed

Fried Shrimp with French Fries